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Clark Taylor - October 9

About Clark Taylor

Clark Taylor was born near Beaudesert in a farmhouse in 1937. By the age of 16 he was running stock camps on his family's property in the Northern Territory. He grew up as a real 'Aussie Bloke' - fighting in the pubs and working hard, rounding up wild cattle and branding them, living under the stars eating damper, corned beef and the like.

In 1959 Clark attended a Billy Graham crusade where he became a Christian. He made a habit of making Jesus his friend. Clark then went through six years of theological college. He found this very difficult as he had left school at a very young age and was almost illiterate. He had to learn subjects such as Greek and Hebrew. Clark met his wife Anne while she was also at Bible College and they fell in love and subsequently married.

Clark became a Methodist minister. He had encounters with God which left him able to hear from God and move in what we call a 'Word of Knowledge' and he started to see people healed. As this didn't really gel with the Methodist ministry at the time, he left and eventually Clark and Anne founded Christian Outreach Centre in 1974.

The Brisbane COC grew to 5000 members, and Clark and Anne trained ministries to start over 200 other Centres as well. They also founded Christian Outreach College, a school which is thriving and successful even today with around 2000 students, and Christian Heritage College, a Christian university which is fully government-recognised.

During the early eighties, Clark ran a program called 'A New Way of Living' which was aired on Channel Nine, Sunday mornings. This program was incredibly popular, and people still recognise him today from that program.

In 2000, Clark and Anne founded WorshipCentre. Clark reflects Jesus in his preaching and moves powerfully in healing and Word of Knowledge. He has a way of relating to all people and is a very 'real' person. His messages are simple and bring real, practical answers to peoples' lives. A tangible presence of God is a mark of the meetings he conducts.

Pastor Clark will be at Gateway Church on October 9, 2016 with services at 9am and 11.15am. All welcome!

Gateway Church is a place to Belong, Believe and Become.

Gateway Church is a place to Belong, Believe and Become.