What next?

Personal Growth

It is our heart at Gateway Church that each person is equipped to fulfill their personal capacity and walk the path the God has designed for them. Below are upcoming personal growth opportunities that may be relevant to your stage in life.

  • Internships

    Internship applications for 2018 have closed. Please watch this space for 2019 opportunities.

    Whether you feel you are called to serve the Lord in a full time capacity at some point in the future, you want to intentionally invest one year to pursue discipleship and training at a more intensive level or you are just interested in further discovering your vital role to play, the internship will be a significant point in your life.

    Gateway Church is a Local Church College of Alphacrucius College, the official training college of Australian Christian Churches, but the emphasis and culture of our Internship is strongly influenced by our vision and culture at Gateway Church. There is a distinct educational component, as well as a practical, servant hearted ministry opportunities in church life and community, which is just as crucial, because one part without the other produces an imbalance in our discipleship.

    The educational component will help you increase in the knowledge of God and His Word, develop skills for interpreting and communicating Christian principles within contemporary society and hone your understanding for ministry.

    The practical component will engage you with our Gateway Church team in areas of church life specific to your stream, you will be led by experienced and innovative members of the Gateway team as we strengthen the church family God has placed you in.

    Please take the time to prayerfully consider whether the Gateway Church Internship program is the best option for you. If so, our team looks forward to spending time with you and watching as you grow and discover the person God has called you to be.