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Hey, my name is Mark VB and I’m so glad you found your way to this site. Deanne and I moved from Alice Springs to Tasmania in 2009 purely because we felt like it was where God wanted us. 


What a good deal that has turned out to be!  


We have grown to love this place and the people that are here and are humbled to play a small part in engaging with so many willing, loving, everyday people in making a positive difference to individuals throughout this community and across the planet.


While we are engaged in hundreds of ways throughout our community we also hold a high value and joy in getting together to celebrate the rich, deep meaningful connected life on offer by God.  We get to enjoy each other’s company in smaller groups (houses, coffee shops, mountain tops etc) and then ‘all together’ every Sunday. It’s a friendly, come as you are, environment with the goal of getting everyone on the faith journey of Belong Believe Become.   


That’s right you’re allowed to Belong even before you believe and no behavioral quiz at the front door!   


We are so sure that our loving Heavenly Father has put his greatness in you and we want to help in any and every way possible to see you Become the best version of unique you.


Our heart intent is to be sensitive to who and where you are in your life journey yet want to be upfront that we haven’t got it all together- we have just found that a life journey with Jesus is the best we’ve ever found. 


Feel free to come and see for yourself.  I’m sure your biggest fear will not eventuate, and it might just be the very thing you’ve been searching for. 


We’d love to see you in person or join us online.