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We’ve been around since 1963 and are so thankful for our home base building at 100 Don Road
in Devonport. However, Gateway Church is more a PEOPLE than a PLACE. Don’t get me
wrong, we absolutely love our PLACE here on the North West Coast of Tasmania, yet what
makes it so special are the beautiful PEOPLE who call this place home.
We are people; of the community, who love our community and are personally invested and
engaged in hundreds of ways throughout our community each and every day. We endeavour to
positively influence our PLACE and PEOPLE to see us all reach our full potential.
We also hold a high value and joy in getting together to celebrate the rich, deep meaningful,
connected life on offer by God. We get to enjoy each other’s company in smaller groups
(houses, coffee shops, mountain tops, etc) and then ‘all together’ every Sunday. It’s a friendly,
come as you are, environment with the goal of getting everyone on the faith journey of Belong
Believe and Become.
That’s right you’re allowed to Belong even before you believe and no behavioural quiz at the
front door!
We are so sure that our loving Heavenly Father has put his greatness in you and we want to
help in any and every way possible to see you become the best version of unique you.
Our heart intent is to be sensitive to who and where you are in your life journey yet want to
be upfront that we haven’t got it all together- we have just found that a life journey with
Jesus is the best we’ve ever found. We are of all ages and at all stages of life and faith.
Feel free to come and see for yourself. I’m sure your biggest fear will not eventuate, and it
might just be the very thing you’ve been searching for.
We’d love to see you in person or join us Online!

Journey of Faith
A House of Heart, a place to BELONG
A House of Hope, a place to BELIEVE
A House of Wholeness, a place to BECOME



We want to be people who are devoted to worshiping Jesus. Jesus and his kingdom life/purpose is our number one priority. We want to carve out time daily to be alone for prayer and Bible reading. We make time to join with others to pray and study His Word. We regularly celebrate communion (the Lord’s Supper) and can’t stop thanking Him for His mercy. These are not obligations we try to squeeze in, but cravings we can’t live without. We just love to worship Jesus even in the most basic settings. It is the Object of worship that makes worship exciting to us. 


The body of believers is supposed to be closer to us than our own families (Matt. 12:46, Luke 14:26). Jesus said that “all people will know you are my disciples if you have love for one another “(John 13:35). He also prayed that his disciples would be so

“perfectly one, that the world may believe that the Father sent Jesus” (John 17:20-23). 

We want to be people who love each other deeply and show this by our sacrifice. We seek a bond that surpasses that of our natural families and is only possible because of our common fellowship with Jesus. We share our possessions and our lives with each other. We seek to obey all of the “one another” commands in Scripture. Christ wants us to be known for our love, and He claimed that our unity would cause others to believe in Him. Our goal is not merely to get along but to love each other to the extent that Christ loved us, and to be united to the extent that the Father is one with the Son. 


We want our people to “have Christ fully formed in us.” Galatians 4:17 and become fully trained for greater works of service. 

We believe that all believers are called to be disciple-makers. No one should come as a consumer, but all should come as servants. The Holy Spirit has given each of us a gift that is to be used for building up the body. We want our leaders to teach us how to lead and help us develop in character through their modeling and teaching. Our goal is that each one of us becomes like Christ, and develops the ability to lead others to Him, make disciples, and expand His church. 


We want to be people with supernatural characters, focused on sharing the gospel with neighbors and coworkers. We want to be people who are not focused on survival or higher standards of living but devoted to the mission. For some, this will mean going to foreign countries to share Christ where He has not been heard. For others, this means supporting those who have gone. For everyone, it means sharing the gospel regularly. 


We want to be people who are eagerly waiting for the return of Christ. We are willing to suffer because we believe our founder, Jesus, exampled it to us. When you read the Scriptures it is undeniably clear that Christians are supposed to expect, lean into and embrace suffering with joy. And this calling to willingly walk into suffering for the sake of the gospel is a call for all believers and not just for leaders or those serving in missions in persecuted areas of the world (Matthew 16:24; Matthew 10:21; 2 Timothy 1:8, 3:12; Philippians 1:29) Far from seeking comfort, we see any hardship as an opportunity to endure for His Name. Our focus is not on what we can see, but on the unseen world. We refuse to become citizens on this earth. We live as aliens and strangers on the earth, waiting for a better city.