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In 1963 David Cartledge and his wife Marie were 23 and 22 years old with a 9-month-old baby son when they came to Devonport. David was convinced that God had brought them from Hobart to start a Church like the one in the Book of Acts, one with a demonstration of signs and wonders. Marie was fully in, saying that had “if I have to live in a tent I will”, and they did at the Devonport Bluff Caravan Park for two weeks because they couldn’t find anything else. 


David was on the radio every Sunday and there were advertisements in the newspaper. They started in a hall in Devonport and despite working hard and dropping information in people’s letterboxes, no one came for the first 13 weeks. 


God imparted to them a special gift of faith that enabled him to stand when under normal circumstances anyone else would have simply given up and quit. On the 14th week, David prayed for one lady – a Mrs Radcliffe – and she was healed from a broken neck and arthritis. Her husband encouraged many people to the church in gratitude, the Church began to grow.  Gateway Church’s DNA is one of Faith, Obedience and Supernatural evidence of God at work. Pushing past the challenges to see ‘His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”


In the late 1980s, after many years of meeting in hired or temporary venues the Church under the leadership of Pastor Barry Muller made the bold faith move to commence building the facility at 100 Don Road. There was much sacrifice and energy invested into the build and it has been a significant milestone in the life of the Church. We honour and thank all those who were obedient and forward-looking to bless the generations to come. 


In 2007 another Church from within our community, George St Christian Fellowship who had a strong relationship with Devonport AOG joined together; bringing loving, caring and strong faith filled people together creating a Jesus and Community focused Church, soon to become known as Gateway Church.