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At Gateway Church we take the responsibility of caring for children very seriously. All of our team members are child safe trained and have their working with vulnerable people checks. More of our safety information is below.

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Providing a safe environment for children and young people is the priority of all the children's and youth programs at Gateway Church. Our code of conduct seeks to

prevent situations occurring where a child or young person could be unsafe, as well as

ensuring that the staff and volunteers who work with children and young people have

undergone a strict screening and recruitment process and behave in a safe and

accountable manner. 

- Children and young people are to be supervised at all times by approved adult leaders,

who visually identify themselves by wearing a leader name sticker printed from our

electronic check-in system.

- Parents should be provided with correct information regarding program start and finish

times. Leaders are to ensure that every child and young person is picked up safely.

- Correct toileting procedures are to be followed. Two approved adult leaders are to

check the bathroom is vacant of adults before children enter, then stand outside the

toileting area and prevent adults from entering the area until all children have exited.

Personal Interaction

The code of conduct ensures there is accountability in our behaviour around children

and young people and sets a standard for what is appropriate. Never being alone with a

child or young person and staying in safe, open environments provides for accountability

within teams and ensures that interactions are safe and positive.

- Leaders will always have another adult present when with a child or young person.

- Leaders will exercise safe, appropriate and child-initiated contact. - Children and young

people are not to be transported alone; two approved adult leaders should be in the car.


Communication and Media

Those serving with children and young people should communicate with them in an

open way and with parent’s knowledge or involvement. This ensures communication

stays within appropriate boundaries.

- Parent or carers will be communicated with in any situation where there may be harm or concern for the well being of children or young people.

- Children and young people's right to privacy will be protected, particularly when dealing.

with their personal information and when responding to pastoral situations or disclosures

of harm.

- Photos or video of children and young people may be taken during Gateway Programs

for the purpose of promotions and marketing. Photos or video of children and young

people must not be taken, reproduced and/or distributed for any other purpose.


Responding to concerns or disclosures of harm

Gateway Church is committed to a caring and appropriate response, should any

suspicion, allegation, disclosure or complaint of misconduct or abuse occur. Concerns or

disclosures of harm must be responded to the Safe Church Team, who will ensure reports are made to relevant authorities in a consistent and thorough manner. If you as a

parent or carer have any concerns or observe any inappropriate conduct, please let us

know by contacting the Safe Church Team Leader on 0408 850 030